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untitled feb 2022web.jpg

"Cobalt Sky", 15 x 30 inches

july 1.jpg

"Dirt Road at DusK", 24x24 inches, Currently on display and for sale at Electric Street Gallery.

july 2_edited.jpg

"Late Crimson", 24x24 inches, Electric Street Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario (sold)

Never Lost.jpg

"Never Lost", 20x20 inches, Electric Street Gallery, Ottawa (sold). 

july 5_edited.jpg

"March Melting", 24x24 inches

Mystic Lake March 2022.jpg

"Dreams by the Lake", 30x30 inches

upon the lake.jpg

"Upon the Lake", 30x30 inches

spring thaw at the mountain lake_edited.png

"Spring Thaw at the Mountain Lake",15x30 inches, Currently on view and for sale at Electric Street Gallery 

Blue Cliffs 2.jpg

"Blue Cliffs", 24 x 24 inches 

web 20x40.jpg

"On Our Way", 20x40


"Felicity", 15x30 inches (sold)

A Welcome Relief_edited.jpg

"A Welcome Relief", 24x30 inches (sold)

"Dappled Sunlight", 24x24 (Sold)


"Summer Feeling", 20x24 inches (Sold)

landscape 2019 4.jpg

"Sugarbush Near Meech Lake", 24x24 (Sold)


"Viridian Sky", 30x40 inches (Sold)

intempo iceberg.jpg

(Sold) 24x24, 

(Sold) 24x24

(Sold) "June Thaw", 24x24


"Elemental", 36 x 48 inches, winner of Viewers' Choice Award
at Foyer Gallery, Spring 2022

web treeandhouses.jpg

Untitled, 24x30 (sold)